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  • Robb Selander
  • T.C.
  • Reena Patel
  • K.N.
  • S.T.
Robb Selander

Robb Selander suffered an abusive childhood at the hands of his stepfather. He speaks on how early influences impact expressions of anger, as he struggles not to mirror his stepfather’s behaviour.

A former corporate executive, Robb also significantly shares his experiences with stress and anger, and on how such patterns may become chronic.  He comments on these times of unfiltered information and pressure, and its effects on mind and conduct.

Later in the film, Robb speaks comprehensively on what helped him temper the emotion and break out of the wheel of anger.


T.C, 65

T.C speaks on the intensity and expression of her anger, stemming out of her frustrations from the demands of family and her expectations from life. She narrates instances of her anger and its impact, sometimes gruesome, on her children.

Later, she reflects on how her displeasure was rooted in her unbending quest for perfection.


Reena Patel

Reena talks of her eating disorders, Anorexia and Bullmia nervosa, and her subsequent experiences with anger – her thoughts and expression of it. 

In the larger context, Reena’s case highlights the impact of popular media (with its emphasis on how we look, rather than how we feel) and its role in feeding frustration and anger.


K.N, 40

K.N appears through the film, commenting first on the importance of childhood experiences in learning anger.  Later, she remarks on the financial pressures we endure that make us, even against our will, part of a system that seems to control our lives and decisions.

A former marketing executive, K.N speaks on how our choices and values are determined by economic compulsions, rather than by the voice of the heart or spirit.

Finally, she speaks of what has helped her process her anger.


S.T, 38

S.T is a homemaker. Her sharing mirrors the frustration and anger of women who feel hemmed in by circumstance, who feel the lack of independent resource to do as they wish.

S.T’s anger is turned inwards, and manifests as depression. She admits to fighting the urge to end it all, and on what holds her back from doing so.